The World of Work

The World of Work

Step Two

Do you have a really good understanding of what skills employers really want, job availablity in different fields or about workers rights?
If not, this step is important for you.


Know what to expect

Learn how careers are changing

Gone are the days of choosing a job, gainging a qualification and working in that field all of your life. Choosing a career is no longer about deciding which single talent you’ll develop through one occupation until you retire.

Your career, today and in the future, is likely to involve:

  • A range of different jobs
  • Developing more than one interest or talent
  • Working for a number of organisations
  • Experience in more than one industry
  • Different types of work arrangement (full-time, temporary, contract, self-employment and so on)
  • Lifelong learning
  • Times of unemployment and underemployment

To build a career you’ll need to:

  • Take responsibility for your own direction and growth (all steps in this program are helping you achieve this)
  • Know who you are and what your goals are, in terms of wealth and success, ways of life and job satisfaction (see step 1)
  • Learn to see and understand the patterns in the working world, so that you can anticipate future trends and ride them (this step 2 will help you to do this)

Activity One

What do employers expect from their workers?

It is obvious that when you apply for any job, the employer will be looking for skills, knowledge and attitudes that are needed to the relevant work. These are called ‘industry skills’ and they may be gained through doing a course of even through past experience.

Australian employers in all industry areas expect that their workers also have what are called ‘employability skills’. These are more general and transferable skills and abilities that help workers in any work in the Australian workforce.

These 8 skills are important and should be included when making your career plans, and you learning pathway plans.

Watch this video to learn more about employability skills.

Activity Two

Why is it so important to understand the labour market?

When we are choosing a job or career, it's important to know that there will be jobs available when we are ready to work.

The world of work is changing quickly, new different jobs are being created, while some are almost non existent anymore.

This may seem too difficult or not necessary but it would be such a waste of your time and money to attend courses in areas of work where there are too many workers already.

Please take the time to look at jobs that will still be around and available when you have finished getting yourself ready.

Use these resources to research current labour markets.

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