Making Plans

Making Plans

Step Four

Do you know how to develop and action plan to get the job you want?
Do you know what education and training options are available to help you on your pathway?
If you answered no to either question, this step is important for you.


Consider your careers list

Reflect on your abilities

Create a to do list

Since step one I've had you making lots of lists, and now we are about to make another.

It's a career development plan.

The 'know yourself' list should have been very beneficial in helping you to identify what skills, attributes and needs you have in relation to suitable employment options.

When you need to make up your portfolio, write a resume or go for an interview, all of that information will be right there for you to draw from. It should make the whole things a lot easier but it should also make you applications better, more profesional and hopefully more effective in getting the job you want.

Now it's time to concentrate on what plans you need to make to get yourself ready to apply for the job you really want.

Firstly, what qualifications are needed for the job you want?

Do you have that qualification. Yes or no? If no, you'll need to put that down as one of the things in your career development 'to do' list.

Secondly, what skills, knowledge and experiences are needed fo the job you want?

Do you have them all? If not, you'll need to write the ones that you need to aquire on your career developement 'to do' list.

Is there any other requirements of the job that you will have to address? Write it on your career developement 'to do' list. How are your employability skills? If you're not sure about what I mean by that, you should go back to the step that explains employabilty skills, the world of work.

Activity One

Download this checklist so that you can indentify exactly what needs to be included in your career development plan.

You can then go to the next activity to develop your own career development plan.

Activity Two

Download this action plan template to use to develop your career development plan.

View the resources to help you to work through any areas that you would like to work on.

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