Eastern Metropolitan Region Training Statistics

The success of the Knox Learning Alliance can be seen from recently released training statistics for the Eastern metropolitan region.

KLA results

Source: Adult Community and Further Education Board, Victoria.

This data shows that Knox has almost twice as many residents engaged in pre accredited training as any other Eastern Metropolitan Region LGA. It is widely acknowledged within the Learn Local sector that the Alliance in Knox is the reason for this higher level of learner engagement in our community.

The statistics also show that Knox is performing exceptionally well at engaging educationally disadvantaged learner groups such as CALD, Indigenous, those with a disability, and youth.

These statistics illustrate that Knox is the “Learning City” of Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne. The Knox Learning Alliance is proud of the role that we have played in achieving these learner engagement rates. We are also determined to increase them further and to work with local government, local employers and Knox based community organisations to provide adult education and training that is relevant, timely and effective.

Source: Adult Community and Further Education Board, Victoria.

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